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Love Story-
Hero loves Heroin, but Heroin loves Villain. Moreover, Villain loves Heroes sister. However, Hero’s sister loves Heroin’s brother and Heroin’s brother loves Villains’ sister. Nevertheless, Villains’ sister loves Hero’s brother & Hero’s brother loves Heroin.

Finally, two people commit suicide.

Who are they?

Producer and Director !

Do you really think ?

1. You have a Face-book account,
2. You have a cell phone,
3. You watch MTV/VH1(this varies as per your location),
4. You are fully aware of adult stuff,
6. You register to unlimited text,
7. You sleep late,
9. You were so busy you forgot to read no. 5
10. You actually scroll up again to see if there is no. 5 (don't worry coz there is no # 8 as well)
11. Now you are smiling, possibly laughing to yourself.
Next, you realize, perhaps you are not a normal as u once thought. 

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